Kenyan behind bomb that killed KDF soldiers in Somalia

Anwar Yogan Mwok
A Kenyan man was the suicide bomber who drove an explosives-laden truck into a Kenyan military camp in Kulbiyow, Somalia.

Investigations by both the Kenya Defence Forces and other agencies show Anwar Yogan Mwok died in one of the vehicle-borne improvised explosive device (VBIED) explosions at the camp on January 27, that also killed dozens of soldiers.

He and fellow Kenyans Ramadhan Kungwa and Erick Ogada had joined Al Shabaab and were wanted by police for their involvement in terror activities.

A Sh2 million bounty had been placed on their heads.

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Yesterday, police revealed the other two were still at large within Somalia.

"Mwok was in one of the lead vehicle-borne improvised explosive devices that targeted the KDF camp. He was killed by the heavy artillery fired by the KDF and died instantly," said an official aware of the probe.

At least 21 KDF personnel are confirmed to have died in the attack.

Kungwa and Achayo, who were among the Al Shabaab militants, suffered serious injuries and reliable sources indicate their Kenyan associates and family members are trying to sneak them into the country for medical care.

Mwok was born in Siaya County in 1981. He was raised as a Christian but later converted to Islam.

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When he was younger, his family moved to Nairobi, where he played football with the Mathare United Soccer Club prior to his conversion to Islam and recruitment into violent extremism.

He lived in Umoja estate with his family until 2013, when he left for Somalia to join Al Shabaab.

Once in Somalia, he joined Jaysh Ayman, a group of largely Kenyan Al Shabaab fighters who plan and execute attacks against Kenyans.

Mwok owned a significant number of properties in Umoja estate to finance his activities.

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