Can one dye a human hair weave? Find out!

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Can one dye human hair weave? A friend recently asked me where Gospel musician Size 8, gets her red weaves from. Of course, many people must be in the same dilemma. They love Size 8's look but do not know where or how to get it.

Well, the secret is in the weave and, of course, hair dye. Most of the women you see in beautifully colored weaves have had them dyed. Note, however, that the weave MUST be human hair.

Synthetic weaves are just that; synthetic. You cannot do much with them. Human hair weaves, on the other hand, are easy to work with. Apart from transforming your look, they also allow you to change and try out new hairstyles.

Virgin human hair weaves are also the longest lasting weaves, and you can wear them for a year or longer. You may wonder whether it is safe to dye human hair extensions. By all means yes; you can change the color of your human hair weave. As long as the hair is 100 per cent human hair, then there is no problem coloring the weave.

Actually, you can do anything with human hair weaves that you can do with your natural hair. Thus you can relax, cut, dye and even heat style it. There are times you will see a beautiful human hair weave but the color is not the right one for you. Do not fear picking it since you can always have your hairdresser dye it to suit your natural hair color.

As you plan to dye your weave, keep these points in mind: Do a strand test: Just like you do with your natural hair, it is important that you first do a test to see if the weave will handle the coloring process. Mix the dye as given in the instructions then apply it to a strand or section of the hair. Observe the result before you continue with the rest of the weave.

Virgin hair extensions are the best for dyeing: Human hair weaves come in many varieties whose cost also varies from as low as Sh500 a piece to Sh10,000 a piece or more. The more virgin (100 per cent human) it is, the more expensive it will be.

Virgin human hair weaves are those that have not been chemically processed in any way. They can, therefore, be dyed with minimal damage to the hair.

Just like with your natural hair, avoid harsh chemicals. Never dye non virgin weaves because these have been chemically treated thus stripping the strands, leaving them very weak.

Weaves require multiple applications to lighten: Dyeing black weaves to blonde or any other lighter color requires you to first strip the weave of its natural color. You then go ahead and bleach the hair to the desired shade. This takes more than one try for you to get the right shade.

Harsh chemicals can damage your human hair weave beyond repair just as they can your natural hair: Harsh chemicals are just that – harsh. Virgin human hair weaves have their cuticle layer intact. This is the layer that gives your hair its body and natural shine. Strong dyes will strip the cuticle leading to dull, weak and brittle weave.