Supercar stolen from driveway just 4 days after driver bought his dream Audi R8

UK: Four days after buying his dream supercar, a man was devastated to hear it being pinched from right in front of his house as he watched TV.

Saqib Nazam part-exchanged his old Bentley and handed over a further Sh1, 974,546 (£14,000) to buy the Audi R8.

But after returning to his home in Washwood Heath, Birmingham, the 27-year-old had the car pinched from his driveway as he sat watching television.

To make matters worse Saqib, who paid Sh846, 234 (£6,000) to insure the vehicle, has been told that his policy is invalid because a tracking device on the vehicle had been tampered with without his knowledge.

Police say they have identified a suspect in Leicester, but have been unable to track him down, despite repeated attempts to make an arrest.

Mr Nazam has spoken out in frustration at the lack of breakthroughs in the case, reports the Birmingham Mail.

Now Saqib says he has been left penniless and is desperate for an arrest and the recovery of the car.

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Saqib says detectives have told him that the vehicle was picked up on cameras heading back to Leicester, the city he bought it from.

The 27-year-old, from Washwood Heath Road, who works as a researcher, bought the supercar with the intention of starting up his own vehicle hire firm.

He says he ploughed all of his savings into buying the 2009-plated Audi R8 – but those plans have been left in tatters.

He added: “It was my dream car and now I am completely broke.

“It was advertised for £42,000. It had quite a high mileage and would have cost a lot more if it had done less miles.

“In the end I decided to exchange my Bentley Continental GT and pay Sh1, 974,546 (£14,000) in cash.

“The seller asked me to meet in Leicester to make the payment, but as I got to the road he lived on he called me.

“He asked me to meet him in a local Lloyds bank and that is where I handed over Sh1, 974,546 (£14,000) in cash, inside the branch.

 “I returned home as was happy with the car, but couldn’t believe it when I heard it start up outside and disappear.

“I was later told by police that the car was picked up on cameras near to Leicester.

“To make matters worse the insurers refused to pay out. I paid a Sh846, 234 (£6,000) premium, but they said the tracking device on the vehicle was not operational.

“So I lost my old car, the car I bought and the insurance I have paid out and have been left with nothing.

“It’s very frustrating because police have said they have a suspect, but nobody has been arrested and the car has not been recovered.

"They keep telling me that they keep trying to arrest this person, but nothing has happened.”

A spokeswoman for West Midlands Police said: “We have identified a man we would like to speak to about the offence and he is actively being sought, with his details circulated as ‘wanted’ on the police national computer.

“The man is from the Leicestershire area and officers there have already made a number of attempts to arrest him on our behalf but as yet, have been unable to locate him.”

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