Name grabbers of Langata school land, Nkaissery tells Charity Ngilu, Swazuri

Kenya: Interior Cabinet Secretary Joseph Nkaissey now wants the Ministry of Lands and National Land Commission (NLC) to name the owners of a company which allegedly grabbed a field belonging to Langata Road Primary School.

Nkaissery warned his counterpart Charity Ngilu and NLC Chairman Mohammed Swazuri that they would face unspecified consequences if they fail to disclose to the public the owners of the company alleged to have grabbed the land.

"I am asking Ngilu and Swazuri to reveal the owners of the company claiming ownership of the land by today or tomorrow (Thursday). Let the two come out clearly and tell Kenyans who they are because they are not owners but grabbers, failure to which there will be consequences," said Nkaissery.

It also emergedthat President Uhuru Kenyatta had met Nkaissery, Ngilu, Swazuri and officials from the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission and CID and demanded to know the real owners of Airport View Limited that claims ownership.

This came as a contingent of National Youth Service personnel landed at the school playground Wednesday morning and started levelled it.

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Langata Road Primary School land grab