Woman recounts ordeal in ‘Vampire’s’ house


Nakuru, Kenya: Chilling details emerged in Nakuru High Court during the hearing of a murder case of a self-confessed ‘Vampire’ arrested five years ago in Naivasha.

Geoffrey Matheri alias Fongo has been charged before Justice Anyara Emukule for murder of Miriam Wairimu on August 29, 2008 at Kihoto area in Naivasha.

A woman who survived the ordeal appeared in court where she narrated how she met Matheri in Naivasha in September 9, 2008.

Naomi Wanjiru told the court while going to the shopping centre, at around 7.30pm, she met four men who kidnapped her and took her to a club in Naivasha town where she came face to face with Matheri.

“After meeting Matheri, I tried to run away but the accused stabbed me on my left thigh and held me by my hand as we went to another club within town before we went to his house,” she told a packed court.

Cuts all over

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Wanjiru told the court Matheri later took her to his house in Kihoto area where she found another woman called Esther who had cuts in her face sleeping in the house.

According to Wanjiru, Esther had cuts all over her body.

“I tried to escape during that night but he hit me on my face and raped me before turning to the woman who was lying on the bed,” she added.

On the second day at the accused’s house, Matheri forced her to take tablets before drawing blood from her body, which he drank and stored the other. Fongo later confessed that a pastor in Naivasha was behind the “kill for blood” activity.

“He stabbed and drained blood from me into a metallic cup, but I was too weak and helpless. He then proceeded to chew Esther’s flesh and used my blood as his drink,” she told a stunned court. 

She said Matheri told Esther to leave his house since she was too sick and he wanted nothing to do with her.

According to Wanjiru, Esther left the house and alerted a neighbour who called the police.

On Monday, a video produced in court by Wilson Kirui, an officer from the CID headquarters, showed the accused taking the police through blood stained clothes he admits belonged to his victims.

In a poorly choreographed video presented before the open court, Matheri is recorded admitting his chilling crime before police.

The police officers later hauled Matheri around the streets and estates  in Naivasha with armed police officers in tow after he confessed to the crimes.

He claimed that a bishop from a church in Naivasha introduced him to the cult-like activities in 2008 after he promised to sponsor him for further studies.

The accused through the recorded video admits to luring his victims using money and later drawing blood, which he took to the pastor’s residence in Naivasha town.

He also told the police he took the blood to the bishop’s house where he was paid Sh25,000 on delivery.

Hearing of the case continues on October 30.

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