I have a crush on my history teacher.

Crash on my history teacher

I think about her all day and even masturbate when I think about her. I think I love her and that I would like to marry her when I finish my studies. I have a girlfriend whom I love, but I love this teacher more. Is it normal to have a crush on a lady who is older than you? Is it okay? {Mark}

Simon says

Mark, it is not absurd for a student to be attracted to a teacher and to have some fantasies about her. Most people go through this. It’s just that they don’t talk about it. It is possible that most of the guys in your class are also attracted to her. You find her beautiful and attractive but in essence, this beauty is only circumstantial.

This is because when you are in school, you don’t have many options, so the few that are available often seem awesome and irresistible. This is called infatuation and it is made worse by the fact that she is beyond your reach.

This feeling is superficial and it will only last as long as you allow it to. Under these circumstances, I assure you that nothing can happen between you and her. You are half her age and she has a life of her own. You, on the other hand, have a girlfriend who you should be paying attention to.

About masturbating, I think you ought to direct that energy to other things like sports and your studies. Masturbation is a bad and addictive habit. It is very hard to break and has adverse negative effects. You may not realise it now, but you will later in life when you start having an active sex life.

Lastly, you may be spending lots of time thinking about her while she would not consider a relationship with you because of the adverse effect it would have on her and her career.

Your Say

It is normal to have a crush on your teacher, but you should know it cannot lead anywhere. Just enjoy the moment and ensure you don’t spend too much time thinking about her at the expense of your studies.

{Dickson Nyawira, Nairobi}

You are wasting your time man. That teacher is probably in a serious relationship and is planning to get married soon. She is miles ahead of you in every aspect and you cannot hope to catch up with her. Just give up and focus on your girlfriend.

{Andrew Tuwoi, Eldoret}

That is a major destruction to your studies.  Focus on what took you to school because she will never be your girlfriend. And I think you are only using the teacher as an excuse to masturbate.

{Triza Wanjiru}

Those kinds of crushes lead nowhere and I think you are cheating on your girlfriend. It is even against the law for a teacher to have a relationship with a student, so if she cares about her job, she will not even look in your direction.

{Tony Omolo, Nakuru}

Although there is a very slim chance, it is possible she might also have noticed you. Approach her and open your heart to her and you never know. Miracles do happen.

{Sam Karis, Nairobi}

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