Parents blamed for poor results in Matuga

By Tobias Chanji

Parents in Matuga District have been blamed for poor academic performance in the region.

Speaking during the launch of a five-year strategic plan in Kwale town, various stakeholders said that though poverty played a crucial role, parents were not ready to save the situation.

“There are no stable family institutions as people are walking in and out of marriages at will. Therefore, children lack guidance and parental love and their attitude towards education becomes poor in the long run. Renting houses at the shopping centres for children has led to more cases of absenteeism and even pregnancies among the students,” said John Odhiambo, the area Quality Assurance and Standards Officer.

He added, “Most of our schools perform below average and transition is very low. Many start school when they are over grown as they skip Early Childhood Education, while others repeat classes several times.

 The secondary school on the other hand admits students with low marks.

Others blamed lack of enough boarding schools as another factor contributing to low education standard in the area.

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The plan was facilitated by the Aga Khan Foundation – East Africa Quality in Early Learning (EAQEL), training teachers and parents to refocus on their teaching style to improve education standards.

The Foundation’s country co-ordinator A. Mohamed Ali said that education in Matuga has been low due to under-teaching in lower classes.

“The teaching approach in lower classes has been inadequate, especially in languages and literacy. Many teachers have been paying more attention to candidate classes,” he said.

He added: “We also train illiterate parents on how to engage with their children. We give them graphics to help them teach their kids by creating stories for them.”

Kwale County as a whole came second last in last year’s Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (KCPE).

According to many educationists, the plan could bring a change to education performance in the region and appealed for maximum support.

It is believed that the plan will also tackle many other issues affecting parents and children in Kwale and help address the increasing education disparity in the region.

It will call upon the education stakeholders from the region to work hard and help improve the education standards especially with the devolved government.

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