Man kills university student in packed hostel


Celestine Muthengei was a Second-Year student of Mt. Kenya University in Thika, Kiambu County. [Standard]

Who killed Celestine Muthengei, a Second-Year student of Mt. Kenya University in Thika, Kiambu County? Her roommates are still wondering.

It was a modest Monday evening at a commercial hostel located a few meters from MKU main campus. Celestine was in the room with all her four roommates.

She was seated on the edge of her bed near the main door, with all her attention hoarded by her smartphone that was charging from one of the power ports. Her roommates were taking their supper while engaging in casual conversations.

At around 8pm, the ladies heard a knock on the door. They opened, and saw a youthful man standing on the doorstep. He had a cap on, and his face was covered in a mask, supposedly in compliance with Covid-19 safety rules.

“We allowed him in after he asked to see Celestine,” said one of the roommates, stating they thought the youthful man was Celestine’s classmate.

Celestine was pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree course in Community Development at the Thika-based university.

“The man looked polite, sounded polite. No one would suspect he was up to no good,” said our informant, adding: “We even thought he’d come to look for [study] notes.”

The source told The Standard Celestine did not immediately recognise the man, given he was in a mask and his cap had been lowered to cover a part of his face.

“She told him: ‘I’ve heard you you’re looking for Celestine; I am the one’.”

The man is alleged to have immediately responded by saying: “Ulidhani sitakupata. Unani-cheat (You thought I’ll never find you. You’ve been cheating on me’.”

“He, thereafter, whipped out a kitchen knife from his coat pocket and stabbed her multiple times in the chest, back, head and arms,” said our informant.

The roommates’ screams for help were muffled as the attacker had locked the door from the inside.

“We feared he’d turn on us,” she said, adding: “Our distress screams did not stop him from harming Celestine.”

The assailant left upon realising his victim was bleeding profusely, said the deceased’s roommate.

The ladies claim they know how Celestine’s boyfriend looks like, and that the man who attacked her on Monday did not bear any physical features resembling those of the teenager’s partner.

“We had never seen him. We still don’t know who he is,” said our informant.

Another roommate told The Standard they rushed Celestine to the Thika Level 5 Hospital, where she succumbed to her injuries shortly after admission.

The matter was, thereafter, reported at the Thika Police Station.

“Celestine was a happy, humble and kind girl,” said one of the roommates.

Another added: “She was also focused on her studies. We hope her killer is arrested and prosecuted.”

Thika West Sub-County Police Commander Mohamed Kofa said a hunt for the suspect is on.

“We have leads to his whereabouts. We’ll arrest him soon,” he said.

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