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Why I breed and sell these creepy worms
  Comments - 2 weeks ago

Urban farmer. University lecturer runs a microsystem where he grows vegetables, keeps rabbits and rears fish at his small Nairobi backyard

New system to develop maize varieties faster
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The Marker-Assisted Recurrent Selection (MARS) system helps breeders develop improved, higher yielding and drought-tolerant varieties faster than ever before, according to International Maize and Wheat Improvement Centre (CIMMYT) researchers.

With this trap, I said bye to moths
  Comments - 1 week ago

Now Gitonga is pretty confident that his production will increase owing to a triangular gadget that gives his crops protection against a formidable pest that has cost him massive crop losses.

Substituting maize with sorghum, millet and pigeon peas
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The International Crop Research for Semi-Arid Tropic (ICRISAT) in collaboration with the Busia county government and the Kenya Agricultural and Livestock Research Organization (KALRO) has found out that with the failure of rains in the March-July and August-December seasons last year, farmers who planted maize have been most affected.

Simple ways to contain deadly fallarmy worm
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“We have never seen anything like this. The moth eats the crop so fast we have been unable to contain it,” a farmer in Soy complained.

Counties benefit from Sh6.8b project to boost food security
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Eleven counties are set to benefit from a Sh6.8 billion agricultural project to improve food security in the country through irrigation.

Looming crisis at the Sh38 billion Itare dam as evictees cry out for help
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Displaced villagers, who have put up makeshift houses around project site, lack toilets and clean water.

The politics involved in the Sh6.9 billion a year miraa sector
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The dark tan leaves of the miraa tree, their flexible branches bent by years of human weight pulling at them during harvesting, dot the Nyambene highlands in Meru County.

Rabbit farmers to benefit more from sale of urine
  Comments - 2 weeks ago

A plant for collection of rabbit urine for production of organic fertiliser has been commissioned at Kegoye Secondary School.

Herders flout trespassing law as conflict over grazing heats up
  Comments - 2 weeks ago

Catherine Loiyan looked in dismay at her patch of land in Kenya's northern Laikipia County. A month ago it was bursting with tomatoes, maize, cabbage and potatoes.

THE BIG DEBATE: State playing PR on Mumias Sugar
  Comments - 2 weeks ago

Jubilee government has failed completely to save Mumias Sugar Company and the company now risks closure as it more of a 'dead' company.

Want to supply mbogas to the supermarkets? Prepare to impress
  Comments - 2 weeks ago

Buying fresh vegetables and fruits in supermarkets is now the trend. Love them or hate them the supermarkets are taking over the fresh produce markets.

My cow is producing red urine yet it’s not even pregnant, is that normal?
  Comments - 3 weeks ago

Last month, I visited my mother-in-law Aureriah Mndaka in Marima village, Tharaka Nithi County.

Hey, this is why your hens stopped laying eggs and they look sickly
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Last week I received an email from an ardent Smart Harvest reader who is a poultry farmer in Athi River.