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Poor spending attitudes will impoverish you

Updated Monday, April 23rd 2012 at 00:00 GMT +3
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Hezron Gakuya, a retiree in Nyandarua County, likes to retell "heroic tale" to anyone cares to listen.

The man from the hilly parts of Central Kenya that borders Rift Valley did the unforgettable antics in his youthful years.

He has remained the talk of his village for decades. After earning Sh100,000 in court compensation, he partied all day long.

By that time, such amount was huge, equivalent to millions going by the current inflationary rate.

Towards late afternoon, he realised the last matatu to his rural home had long taken to the hills.

Gakuya loaded with enough cash stopped a Nyeri-bound 62-seater bus and negotiated with the crew to swing by his home.

He offered them an irresistible Sh600, a fortune then, and the crew ordered the passengers to alight for refreshment while they "checked" on the bus’ brakes! Gakuya boarded it with his mistress for the journey back home.

The grand entry of the swanky bus to his village with blazing headlights and horn blaring, set a first of sorts that mesmerized villagers of what money can do!

A hefty shopping Gakuya carried along confirmed his new status. "I would later make more but low key trips to town and squander most of the court award," Gakuya tells Shillings&Sense.

He would argue that such money was not factored into his life in the first place.

Spending spree

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