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Male housewives

Updated Monday, August 1st 2011 at 00:00 GMT +3
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Some like the comfort of staying at home and allow their well-paid wives to provide for the family.

PAULINE NYUMU finds out reasons for such strange family arrange ment.

A popular clip making rounds on social networks shows a man who is envious of the "sedentary" life of his housekeeping wife. The man wishes his wife went to work, while he did the laundry, cooking and picking children from school, while careful not to become pregnant!

This was like a fairy tale in the last decade. But today, wo men are increasingly pursuing higher paying careers while their husbands enjoy staying at home attending to house chores. Housekeeping is slowly becoming a popular career among males.

Joseph, a father of five, says he left work five years ago when his wife got a job in an NGO. He quit his job when their house help ran away after a quarrel with his wife. "I would take the children to school on my way to work and pick them at 4pm. As an accountant, my wife used to work late," he recalls.

It was difficult for him to play both roles and it was affecting his work. He narrates: "I would arrive at work late and leave early since I was the only one driving and my work was more flexible than my wife’s.

My boss was not happy and wrote several warning letters until he could not take any more excuses."

Unwilling to take in another house help, his wife agreed to provide for the family while Joseph took care of the children.

Other men are willing to quit their jobs to salvage their marriages. Sammy Shitanda had been operating a big salon with his wife in Kitale. Wo men always preferred him to his wife, despite her expertise in the profession.

"Married wo men always called me even when the salon was closed, claiming they wanted me to do their hair, nails and so forth. School girls would show up at home saying they wanted urgent salon services," he says.

His wife Geraldine felt their marriage would end and advised Sammy to quit.

"I did not want wo men drooling at our doorstep. At the salon, I just stayed idle as they waited for Sammy on the queue," she says.

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