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Rapper Attitude back with Attitude

Updated Friday, January 29th 2010 at 00:00 GMT +3
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With his fifth album in the offing, rapper Attitude (Malimo Chahonyo Andega) says this could be the most exciting season of his music career. He tells CAROLINE NYANGA about his global reinvention and clears the air on his relationship with Mercy Myra.

Pulse: Critics are of the opinion that you may have quit music due to dwindling fortunes. What have you been up to?

Attitude: I have not, music is my love and I will always do it. I have been busy working on my fifth album, I’m Going In besides venturing in other projects back in the US. It is also not easy updating everybody while in the US due to tight schedules. Currently I have done close to 4,500 songs besides staging shows in the US. I intend to bring a popular hip-hop artiste in June. All I can say is that he is in the league of Lil Wayne and is ready to rock Kenyans.

P: When should we expect your album out?

A: I intend to release it as soon I am ready. It has over 50 songs but with only nine songs ready, I hope to pick the best 15 songs to complete it. A few songs like Definition of a Hustler was recorded at Homeboyz.

P: What makes it unique compared to what other Kenyan artistes have done in the past?

A: The fact that it features a number of prominent American artistes makes it versatile. One of the songs Made for a Boss features Young J, an Atlanta-based musician-cum-producer. Others are Don’t Forget Me featuring Akon and Go Jo featuring Jay Z. I have also recorded a lot of music with Mercy Myra and worked with US producers Mannie Fresh and Kurupt.

P: Is it true that US-based Kenyan musicians including visiting ones have always failed to capture the audience with most of them performing to only a handful of fans in small halls and clubs?

Attitude (Malimo Chahonyo Andega)

A: Of course you cannot compare the crowds in Kenya and the ones back in the US. It all depends on the nature of the event and the city. For instance the crowd one is bound to get in Nairobi is different from the one in Kisii or Eldoret.

P: What is your take on local music scene for the past two years?

A: Although the Kenyan music scene may be small compared to the US, they are similar in many ways. Both have the small compact circle which includes of friends and families that have always played a huge role in ensuring an artiste breaks through to be in the A, B or C list. I also like the fact that I am seeing more endorsements from various companies but there is still need for more.

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