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The Lovechild: Ten years wiser

Updated Friday, July 24th 2009 at 00:00 GMT +3

Just a few months after getting hitched, singer Kevin Wyre drops his second solo album with hit single, Uprising, taking Jamaican charts by storm, writes CAROLINE NYANGA

Pulse: We hear your latest single, Uprising, is doing well in the charts of most Caribbean countries?

Wyre: Yes, it is a riddim produced by Jamaican producer Arif Cooper of Fresh Er Productions. G-Money a long time friend of his who hooked us up and later Arif sent me a beat and I laid vocals on it. Apparently he loved the vocals. I later sent him the raw material and he mixed it in his studio.

P: How does it feel to reach such a feat?

Kevin Wyre Photo: Jenipher Wachie

W: It is an honour to be the first Kenyan to get a riddim. This puts me in the same league with the likes of Sean Paul and TOK. It was one of my dreams to be on a riddim and I am glad that I have accomplished it. I get messages from fans as far as the US and other countries saying they love it.

P: Tell us bout your album?

W: Itâs called Ten Years Wiser. It is tribute to my 10 years in the industry. The content is more international as opposed to just being East African, which has boosted my career abroad. When I performed at the Malta Guinness Street Dance held in Nigeria last year the reaction was overwhelming.

P: What is the secret to your success?

W: Most of my songs are done in English, giving me an edge over many other musicians. Although some of my songs are done in Swahili, I believe the language barrier limits an artiste from communicating to a wider audience.

P: When did you hook up with P Square brothers, Peter and Paul Okoye?

W: I got their contact way before I traveled to Nigeria and we were in touch. And the day we performed at Malta Guinness Street Dance in Nigeria brought us closer. They gave me advice on how to penetrate their market through performances and music distribution.

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