Robert Wangila: Famed boxer who went down fighting

By Kiundu Waweru | Wednesday, Jan 15th 2014 at 16:03
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By Kiundu Waweru

Kenya: When it comes to sports, Kenya is legendary around the world for its gold-winning athletes. But there is a Kenyan son who made the nation proud by making history when he won a gold in boxing – a record that remains unbroken 26 years later.

Robert Wangila is the only African ever to win an Olympics gold medal in boxing, and the only Kenyan to win a gold in the Olympics in a sport other than athletics.

He punched his way to fame in the late 1980s, when the Kenyan boxing team was making waves. The team, comprising the likes of DK Kamau and Stephen Muchoki, had been nicknamed the Hit Squad, revered around Africa. Wangila became its undisputed champion when he won a gold medal in the 4th All Africa Games held in Nairobi in 1987.

The following year, at the Seoul Olympics, he beat Laurent Boudani from France in the welterweight in what was then described as an “exhilarating final”, where he sent Boudani crashing to the canvass in the third round. He was 20 years old then.

At the Olympics, Wangila was celebrated for possessing hard-hitting punches, with a powerful right hand jab. The amateur boxer at the time, according to, boasted 165 wins and five losses.

American life

After this historical win, Wangila left for the United States for a life of professional boxing.

In the beginning, the American Press heaped praise adjectives on the young Kenyan boxer whom they nicknamed Kidd. The Olympic gold medal put him in good stead, and everyone predicted a great professional future.

“Robert Wangila established his plan almost before the opening bell stopped ringing and as a result, Will Hernandez couldn’t answer the tone to start the sixth round,” wrote Steve Kresal in the Los Angeles Times on June 25, 1993. The previous day, Wangila had won in a fifth-round knockout middleweight bout to Will Hernandez at the Irvine Marriott. This marked Wangila’s 15th knockout.

Hernandez had beaten Wangila 15 months earlier in Las Vegas in the eighth round and after the rematch win, the article quoted Wangila saying, “...and I wanted to punish him for the last fight. I was very, very upset…I am happy now.”

For his revenge, it was reported, Wangila gave Hernandez a bloody eye, the target of Wangila’s sharp rights. The cuts made Hernandez fail to show up for the sixth round.

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