Why security agencies delayed final assault on Nairobi’s Westgate Mall attackers

By - CYRUS OMBATI | Monday, Sep 23rd 2013 at 00:00
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Soldiers arrive at the Westgate Shopping Mall. [PHOTO: STANDARD]


NAIROBI; KENYA: Fears that the terrorists could have booby-trapped the Westgate Shopping Mall were cited as one of the reasons why the final assault on the attackers was delayed.

Sources told The Standard security forces wanted to ensure the gunmen had not rigged the building with explosives, before making any move.

It emerged that in a hostage situation like the siege at the shopping centre, it is sometimes prudent to prolong the standoff as one way of wearing down the assailants.

Other factors that slowed down the assault, The Standard established, is the shooting and killing of at least two security officers in the early stages of the operation.

Security forces carrying out the operation were also not sure where the gunmen were hiding on the first, ground and basement floors.

This was after they had been pushed from the upper floors.

At least seven security officers from both the Kenya Defence Forces and the special police forces were injured during the assault as they took on the attackers whose number is estimated at between 10 and 15.

The latest officer was hit Sunday morning by a sniper as he stepped out of his vehicle.

The incident happened after three people, who had been hiding under cars at the basement parking lot, had been rescued and interrogated by security agents before being released.

1,000 people rescued

Although they looked shocked, they were stable and unhurt.

 Officials said more than 1,000 people had been rescued and an unknown number were still trapped in the building a day later.

The first group of officers were shot on Saturday as they pursued the gunmen, slowing down the exercise.

 “They have bulletproof clothes and are heavily armed,” said an officer, as officials revealed they had intelligence the gang also planned more attacks.

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