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Imposter PPO was a tout

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Updated Friday, January 4th 2013 at 00:00 GMT +3
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Joshua Karanjahi Waiganjo for years impersonated an assistant
commissioner of police in Rift Valley. (Photo:Anthony Gitoga/Standard )


By Antony Gitonga                       

NAIVASHA, KENYA: The man said to have conned police officer across Rift Valley that he was an assistant police commissioner of police was once a matatu conductor in Naivasha.

This came as the suspect Joshua Karanjahi Waiganjo who also posed as the Deputy PPO Rift Valley province was charged in a Naivasha court with four different counts.

And as the composed suspect was taken to court, fearful members of the public turned out to disclose how he fleeced them and sacked police officers at will.

Some of those interviewed in camera said that the middle-aged man came to Naivasha in 1997 from Timboroa where he was employed as a matatu conductor.

“He claimed to have been displaced by the election violence and he worked along the Nairobi-Naivasha road for some years,” said the witness.

Later he headed to Eldoret where he worked as a bodyguard for an influential transporter in the town before he was fired.

The witness said that they later came to learn that he had joined the police force and would be seen with senior police officers.

A Naivasha trader who also declined to be named said that he had met the accused several times as the Rift Valley Provincial headquarters where he ‘assisted’ many.

He said that the man would drive in police vehicles and sometimes would arrive in high powered meetings with senior police officers.

“All along we have known that he was a senior police officer and we are still trying to understand how he operated for over five years without been detected,” he said.

An officer from anti-stock theft unit told how the suspect sacked one junior officer and ended up taking over his wife.

The officer said that the suspect could have compromised security issues due to the sensitive information on his hand.

Contacted on phone, Rift Valley PPO John M’bijiwe termed the accused as a conman whose time had come to an end.

“We have identified him as a conman and he shall be charged in court with various charges as investigation into the matter continues,” he said.

Earlier details had emerged that the suspect flew in a police chopper accompanied by senior officers to Suguta valley after over 40 police were killed.

Arraigned before Naivasha Senior Principal Magistrate Esther Boke, Waiganjo was charged with one count of robbery with violence.

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