NEW BOOK: The Illuminati & Freemasonry in East Africa Vol. 1

Last updated on 24 Dec 2012 18:10

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By Kevin Oguoko

Dark cover and 143 pages full of illustrating pictures is what this book is all about. The first page of the book makes reference to a Published article by Standard Pullout Pulse Magazine cover story written on Illuminati in Kenya’s Entertainment scene.

For months now, Illuminati society has been rumoured to have infiltrated Kenya’s Entertainment circle. While many skeptics dismissed these assertions, few stopped to think that the Illuminati stories were much more than what meets the eye.

From politics to the music we listen to, to the Bible to Churches and even the GMO Maize food that caused a lot of controversy a couple of months back, the book sets to demystify the held view that Illuminati is just another secret society which means no harm.

Arriving in the country a few months back, Dr. Justin Adiyb, a theologist and Egyptian Scientologist Lecturer from the UK was overwhelmed by the Illuminati stories in Kenya especially on Kenya’s Entertainment scene.

He shelved his plans on writing another book to write on Illuminati especially in the East African concept. Having a firm grasp of the Ancient History especially in Egypt where makes him a bit more knowledgeable than your average conspiracy theorist.

 “I want the Churches to call me up as we examine the Bible word to word as many have been made to believe the wrong things. This is just the first volume and I want to get your attention before moving on deeper on what Freemasonry is all about.” Says Dr Adiyb who confesses to grasp Hebrew and Ancient Semitic languages.

The book is expected to hit the bookshelves soon with current finalised book deals taking place. Pulse has obtained an advanced copy. Keep it here for more

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