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Getting back to the simple joys of childhood

By Warigia Macharia Updated Monday, September 8th 2014 at 13:19 GMT +3
“Knock, knock here the angels sing;

A new King born today!

And man will live forever more,

Because of Christmas Day!”

I am sure you recognise the song. Christmas may be months away, but that will not stop a child from belting out their favourite tune.

When travelling in the school bus recently, I overheard the children singing the song above. It took a while to fully comprehend the first line. Of course in my heart, I was singing “Hark now hear”, and when I listened keenly to the children, they sounded so right!

To a child, the angels were going round at night telling the people that Jesus was born. The only way they would rouse the people out of their slumber, was by knocking on their doors. To a seven year old, it is definitely knock, knock! What does ‘hark’ mean? It is not in their every day vocabulary.

What a lesson! Sometimes we complicate issues so so much yet in their simplicity, they are beautiful!

Children seen things in ‘black and white’ and later learn that there are various shades of grey in between. Before the complexity sets in, they are able to enjoy the simple joys of life.

How many times have you found a child sunning themselves by lying on the grass or cabro for sheer joy? When the rain comes they dash out to feel the drops pelt their skin? When the rose bush sets its first flower of the season they cut it and bring it to mum and dad to share in its beauty? When weeds flower, yes they are flowers none the less, they bring a whole bouquet to their teachers? Simple yet beautiful joys of life. My desk is normally full of little pieces of paper that I would have otherwise thrown away but a child found useful, made a simple card saying ‘Teacher I love you’, ‘You are the bestest teacher in the whole world’ and they would draw a picture, colour it and present it with such beauty and dignity! Simple treats that warm the heart!

As adults, it is important that we learn to appreciate the simple joys of life once again. If knock, knock makes sense, belt it out at the top of your voice! It’s not Christmas time? It is still a beautiful song! Sing it! Enjoying the beautiful things of life is precious! Take up the challenge! Do something you enjoyed from your childhood today!

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