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Nandi Hills MP Alfred Keter caught on camera using abusive language against weighbridge officials

When many Kenyans are busy trying to start the New Year in a good note, Nandi Hills MP Alfred Keter seemed to have done the exact opposite.

End of P Unit? Shocking truths about the group and Frasha's new solo career

Since last year, there has been speculation that two-time Channel O Awards winning trio P Unit, is breaking up. Pulse Editor STEVENS MUENDO brings you new revelations on shocking truths about the group on this day when one member is officially going solo.

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Uhuru takes on Keter as MP risks losing seat over insults

The political future of Nandi Hills MP Alfred Keter is in the balance after President Uhuru Kenyatta backed his prosecution after the legislator was captured on video threatening officials over trucks impounded at the Gilgil weighbridge.