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Scottish voters reject independence

Scotland has chosen to stay in the United Kingdom, spurning independence in a historic referendum that had worried allies and investors, results showed on Friday with more than two thirds of the vote declared.

Police arrest 3 suspects and recover 7 stolen cars in Kahawa Sukari

Three suspects arrested as police seize 7 assorted vehicles believed to have been stolen from a residence in Kahawa Sukari, Nairobi.

Scots voting against independence, early results show

Scotland has voted against breaking from the United Kingdom in half its constituencies home to nearly one third of the electorate, early results from a divisive independence referendum showed.

Car wrapping the new trend that has motorists giving their cars a make over

Well, you have probably seen cars around town with flashy designs on their outer bodies, more like graffiti, a trend that is becoming quite popular with East African motor show exhibitors.

Celeb Ride: Nimmo the floss na wewe hitmaker,flosses her ride

It is a Peugeot 206, hardtop convertible.

How your hood determines your habit city girl

A woman's address is easily betrayed by her mannerism - from the way she talks and dresses to the men she dates and her choice of drinks

From Super bikes,parties to poetry the weekend has so much to offer

Controversial socialite and model Vanessa Chettle, DJs Bigwill and Evolve host the Vogue Wednesday party courtesy of Playhouse at Changes Lounge this and every Wednesday. Charges are Sh200.

Dad ‘who touched his daughter’s butt’ faces life in jail

A 58-year-old man who allegedly touched his daughter’s buttocks in an attempt to rape her, risks a life sentence if found guilty.

Brothers tear each other apart over ex-wife

Two brothers caused laughter at a city court when they confessed they almost killed each other over a woman.

How KU ‘microwave wrecker’ is a good defender

A student surprised a city court after he went on his knees to beg for a reduction of his bail.

Obama Snr sent bar bills to Oginga and Tom Mboya

He was a product of the ‘African Airlifts’ that saw many Kenyans land in American universities. While we were colonised by the British, Kenyans looked to the ‘land of the free and home of the brave’ for higher education through the airlifts of the 1950s.

JKUAT fresher wins Miss Tourism title

A first-year student from JKUAT is the new Bungoma County Miss Tourism 2014.

Uganda's Sosuun drops weird look for a weirder one

So does Sosuun have a new wardrobe and image that is giving her a new look? Well, in pictures mailed to media houses by her manager, the former Pacho Entertainment artiste known for her single Hitsong has dropped her multi-coloured hairdo and her Nicki Minaj imitation

Cardinal Otunga Mosocho Where ‘common sense’ shaped the ‘Dream Team’

The school whose anthem goes Cardinal kipenzi changu nitakutumikia mile na milele was a statement of aristocracy in its prime.

How Westgate terror attack forced the premature cancellation of the Storymoja Festival

Festival director says death of Ghanaian Kofi Awoonor through a terrorist’s bullet hit the literary fraternity, but became a blessing in disguise as Nobel laureate finally agreed to attend Nairobi event

Keeping the Kenyan Hip Hop dream alive

With trailblazers such as Kalamashaka, Mashifta, Wateule and Wenyeji, Kenyan hip-hop went international. Rawbarz Wenyeji of the then Wenyeji group is still working hard to keep the dream

How Regina Mutoko was a private public person

I met Regina Mutoko when she was working for Surazuri Casting Agency. I had just been contracted by Unilever to produce the Omo Pick-a-Box Show in 1994, and I was looking for presenters who could give the show a family face.

Rent paid by banks for City Annex puzzle county reps

MCAs have started a fresh probe into space leased by banks in buildings owned by the city government.

‘Mean’ politician opts for matatu transport

Voters in a Western Kenya constituency are not amused by their MP’s “mean” (or is it frugal?) lifestyle.

Movie Review: Life of Crime

This is your movie especially if you love turns and twists. The cast is just awesome and talented. ‘Life of Crime’ is one of those movies that run on a high, with the old school setting of 1970’s being well perfected.

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