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Why health and infrastructure are county's top priorities

Kisumu has struggled to claim its city status, but with devolution, the lakeside region that was once regarded as a 'sleeping lion' is slowly waking up.



Editorial Cartoon 02.08.2014

Editorial Cartoon 02.08.2014

West African leaders agree on steps to fight runaway Ebola outbreak

West African leaders agreed on Friday to take stronger measures to try to bring the worst outbreak of Ebola under control and prevent it spreading outside the region, including steps to isolate rural communities ravaged by the disease.

US prepares to receive two American aid workers stricken with Ebola

Two American aid workers, both seriously ill after being infected with the deadly Ebola virus in Liberia, will be flown to the United States and treated in isolation at an Atlanta hospital, officials said on Friday.

Transnational Bank rebrands to support Agribusiness

Transnational Bank has launched their newly rebranded City Hall Way Branch in Nairobi. The event was graced by the Bank’s Chief Executive Officer Sammy Lang'at on Thursday evening with attendance of more than 200 dignitaries, most of whom are customers of the bank.



Historical, personal similarities should shape Obama, Uhuru relations

Next week, two men of Kenyan origin meet in Washington as presidents for the first time. Uhuru Kenyatta, President of Kenya, represents the aspirations and interests of Kenyans while Barack Obama, President of the United States represents the interests of the Americans.

Diaspora remittances drops by Sh400m

The amount of money sent by Kenyans living abroad dropped slightly to Sh10 billion in June, from Sh10.4 billion in May. The Central Bank of Kenya (CBK) attributed the four per cent drop to a decline in inflows from North America and Europe. This is the second month this year that the remittances inflows have dropped, the first being in April.

This is how politics is killing coffee sector

The drama surrounding coffee growing, milling and marketing institutions should be an apt lesson for county and national governments as well as the farmers bearing the brunt of their leaders’ mistakes of commission or omission.

Woman pleads for help over mysterious breast condition

Her breasts rest on her lap every time she sits down. Unlike normal breasts, hers cannot fit in a bra because of their enormous size.

Family's agony, financial strain battling diabetes

When 35-year-old Ellie Bibiche Mukusa, was rushed to the hospital on July 16, last year, her family was not alarmed. She was 34 weeks pregnant at the time, and high blood pressure was just one of the many complications that came with pregnancy.

The rise, rise of Starehe, Equity Bank

The late Geoffrey Griffin used to quip that no publicity is bad publicity. He should have known since from its early years his school, Starehe Boys Centre, was beset by myriad negative rumours fueled by ignorance or even bad faith.

Let’s not allow mortar & steel progress to destroy humanity

It is said the family is the smallest unit of the nation. And away from what Jubilee and CORD politicians have been saying on the economy, cost of referendum, East-West relations and other such matters that don’t increase the number of sufurias in your houses in one day, I feel the best way to analyse our progress as a nation is by critically looking at the state of the Kenyan family.

Get the basics right to boost productivity in civil service

This past week I have spent a lot of time in Government offices in Nairobi. Things have improved a bit from the bad old days. The offices look better maintained and the staff are more efficient. That said, there is still room for improvement. Three things in particular, stand out.

Repression of the right to think in Jubilee and CORD should worry us

Freedom of conscience is the mother of all freedoms. You cannot begin enjoying any other liberty if you are not free to think. It is the progenitor of the freedom of religion, association and expression.

Good news for diabetics as research ends pain of daily insulin injections

Injections are painful. But if your life depends on them, you wear a brave sleeve like 14-year-old Sydney Murimi has done, bearing two injections daily to stabilise his blood sugar.

Time is ripe to put a stop to MCAs extravagant trips

Soon after accruing the echelons of power, Governors must have felt powerful, riding in flashy cars bearing the Kenyan flag, unaware of what Members of the County Assemblies (MCAs) had in store for them.

Magical lake changing lives in harsh valley

On the floor of the scenic Rift Valley, temperatures can be torturous. Rocks, shrubs and parched plains are key features in the vast Baringo County, whose large swathes lie within the valley formed millions of years ago.

Parliament opens doors to the public in bid to demystify the legislature

The 11th Parliament for the first time opened doors for the public to see what happens in the bicameral Houses.

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