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Flavouring and other additives increase cigarettes’ addictiveness

Ingredients that help enhance the appeal of “light” and “low-tar” cigarettes may contribute to the addictiveness of smoking, a study suggests.

Treating your hair after braids

How we handle our hair when we undo braids can either make it or break it - literally. If you are like me, you probably can rock your braids for more than eight weeks before you remove them.

The old and the beautiful? Meet the stars of the The Bold and The Beautiful soap opera

Few foreign soaps glued Kenyans to their television screens like The Bold and the Beautiful, which was popularly just referred to us The Bold

Uhuru’s statesmanship was a pleasant surprise

Love them or hate them, our two presidents have forever changed the course of history. President Obama inspires us and President Kenyatta? He continues to surprise us.

Dudes who join chicks' chamas

He has no apologies and says that he had fun while it lasted because ,“What do you want me to do?” he posed, “Go to church just to get laid? Those are holy grounds.”

Swap that mask with mud - here's why

Dead Sea mud is well known for its beauty and therapeutic properties. The Dead Sea contains the highest concentration of minerals of all the seas in the world.

Men, here are questions you should never ask your woman

Every woman has that one man in life whom she can never let go of, no matter what! Boyfriends will come and go, but that one man will forever be around.

Man updates PC to Windows 10, wakes up to find porn slideshow on repeat and wife staring

An unfortunate Windows 10 user was left red-faced after upgrading to Microsoft's new operating system - when his pornography catalogue began blinking across his screen in a slideshow on repeat.

Tandem breastfeeding: Is it safe for mother and baby?

When a nursing mother discovers she is pregnant, does she have to stop breastfeeding her child? According to medical experts, she doesn't, but society says otherwise as GARDY CHACHA discovers.

It’s time for men to move over and let women rule

In the boardroom, there are more women climbing the corporate ladder on merit. Everyday, I am confronted with women, so bright, spontaneous and mentally agile, which makes me proud to be a Kenyan.

10 of the hottest female deejays rocking the decks in Africa

Who is the hottest female DJ in Africa? Pulse's ESTHER MUCHENE lists the top ten female turntablists rocking the decks on the continent

Suspects arrested for abducting college student

Police in Kabarnet town, Baringo County have detained two men for allegedly abducting a 23-year-old female student from Moi Teachers Training College

Auto lift toilet seat

I am no expert but I know a thing or two about how leaving the toilet seat up gets in the nerves of most women.

Babyface and Toni Braxton snub Nairobi in the legendary African Tour next month

Nairobi is not among the cities slated to host legendary Rn’B singers Babyface and Toni Braxton when they do their African tour next month.

Tribalism, like things gay, should be a non-issue

For some unknown reason, we have chosen to be embroiled in petty tantrums that seek to look down, exploit, insult and oppress those who do not belong to our tribes.

'We are not sex pests', drivers tell Nakuru women Rep

It so demeaning because many people, including pastors, members of Parliament, businesspeople and even police officers use the road and stop in Nakuru.

I did not date Kanda Bongo Man -Catherine Kasavuli

The veteran media girl says that despite the malicious rumours doing rounds in early 90s associating her with the Congolese Soukous musician, she only met him for the first time in 2012

Mudavadi ends UK tour, tells rivals to brace for 2017 polls

Amani National Congress (ANC) leader Musalia Mudavadi return today after a three-week reflective trip to the United Kingdom, with a promise of a bold comeback in the political scene in readiness for the 2017 presidential race.

Neighbour ‘stole’ my husband on Facebook — Suspect

A woman has moved to court to have her neighbour charged with beating her up for allegedly stealing her husband on Facebook

When cousin Barry was around

Thursday 8:30pm, 23rd July, 2015: I am practically tip toeing outside the house, only to realize my family migrated to Mombasa for the Obama weekend

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