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Young girl in tears gets president Uhuru Kenyatta's attention

A young girl was in tears as the president's motorcade made its way out of Katulu primary School

6 things men should do for their women

Last week we ran a piece on what men want from their wives. So this week we list what women are looking for from their men

Ingwe coach, Logarusic, blames recent loss to western stima on Juju!

"In Tanzania, it is big business. I saw some strange things while at Simba, but I was personally not involved. It is their traditional thing and did not involve me because I am a foreigner," said Loga.

How do I convince my fiancée to convert to Christianity?

I am a Christian and I have been seeing a Muslim girl for about four years now. We are both in love, I have proposed and she has accepted.

Football, witchcraft and desperate penniless man seeking quick cash

I am the type of football fan who does not lose sleep over loss by my team. In fact, the only time I am watching the beautiful game seriously is when they replay match highlights and the only thing we get to see is the goals going in.

What women really want from their husbands

We took time to listen to women from different walks of life as they respond to ‘What men really want’.

How to get over that long-term girlfriend

Relationships normally have four outcomes. The first are those short-lived ones that scarcely get past lust

Investing in emergency services boosts rural healthcare in Kenya

This year marks the deadline in which all countries should have met all the Millennium Development Goals (MDG) that the world committed to in 2000.

IFC inks deal with Chinese firm to develop affordable housing units

International Finance Corporation (IFC) has partnered with a Chinese firm to develop 30,000 affordable housing units in Sub-Sahara Africa in the next five years. The $300 million (Sh29.1 billion) investment will develop homes in Kenya, Rwanda and Nigeria, then expand to other countries.

Equity Bank wins big as court dismisses case against thin Sim

Equity Bank’s subsidiary, Finserve Africa, can now roll out the thin Sim in the mobile money market, after the High Court cleared the cloud on its security.

Why vacuum at Central Bank could be behind the latest shilling slump

It is now apparent that besides external factors beyond control of monetary authorities, part of the reason the Kenya Shilling is hurtling down against the US dollar could be lack of a substantive Governor at the Central Bank of Kenya (CBK).

RwandAir gets full IATA membership

RwandAir has been conferred full membership into International Air Transport Association (IATA). In a ceremony in Kigali, Rwanda’s capital on Monday, IATA Vice President for Africa Raphael Kuuchi officiated the handover of the certificate to RwandAir Chief Executive John Mirenge.

KCB wins three top awards

KCB Group has been voted the Best Commercial Bank in Africa by the Banker Africa Magazine, in the 2015 East African Awards. The bank also scooped the Best Regional Bank and the Most Socially Responsible Bank awards.

Why I back Muturi on gender rule

National Assembly Speaker Justin Muturi’s proposal to have Women Representatives and nominated MPs seats scrapped has been received with mixed reactions by the political divide and Kenyans.

Firm unveils Sh50 billion real estate project

Cytonn Investment has unveiled a Sh50 billion real estate deal that will see it develop a five-acre aspirational gated community in Karen.

Humanities and sciences are one, just as life is one

In the days of the Grand Coalition, that bloated behemoth where even the principals could not fire corrupt, inefficient and grumpy juniors if they were hired by “the other side”, a curious debate crept into our national discourse.

Let SRC roll out measures to cut the huge wage bill

The Pumwani maternity hospital in Nairobi, has for the longest time been in the news for all the wrong reasons.

Is the EACC suited to fight corruption?

This week the United States Justice Department gave a sterling example of how corruption ought to be fought: by meticulously investigating suspects then initiating prosecution.

The goofing trend, knee-jerk reactions from State House are disturbing

President Uhuru Kenyatta will possibly know of the wonders of Mansa Musa Keita the Great (1280 – 1337). This man was the tenth Mansa, or “the King of Kings” of the Kingdom of Mali in West Africa, in the 14th century. Storytellers, like the Moroccan traveller Ibn Batuta (1304 – 1369), have told us about Mansa fabled pilgrimage to Mecca, in 1324, for example.

Poll gives impetus to Wetang’ula’s political bid

The Ipsos opinion poll rating that placed Ford-Kenya party leader Moses Wetang’ula at 18 per cent has sparked excitement among his western Kenya supporters.

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