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African regalia

Updated Sunday, November 14th 2010 at 00:00 GMT +3

By Wambui Thimba

African textiles are a part of African cultural heritage that came to America along with the slave trade. As many slaves were skilled in weaving, this skill was used as another form of income for the slave owner.

In Africa, most weavers were men while the women spun the thread. The weavers in many of the countries were part of a caste-like group and often were slaves to noble families. Some examples of African fabrics include kente from Ghana, agbada from Nigeria, gomesi from Uganda and kitenge from Kenya.

The fabrics were also used as a form of identity as each tribe had their own unique patterns, which also made it easy to spot outsiders. Weaving of textiles is still a very important component of African culture.

African regalia

The patterns and colours of the clothing and accessories represent regal elegance and sophistication that match various moods, feelings, cultures and traditions.

African fabrics are vibrant and add spice and spark to any wardrobe. They have a rich history and each style reflects the background and culture of the great African continent.

Women who want to enhance their style while simultaneously celebrating their African heritage should consider the numerous choices African fabrics offer.

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