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  • Counties need skilled staff to manage funds Kethi D Kilonzo Treasury and financial management are skills and competencies that take years to learn and master. Members of County Assemblies, and County Executive Committees, who may not have the relevant educational and professional training, should be guided and regularly trained on the ABCs of their budget and financial management functions.
  • Kenya must break the shackles from former colonial rulers, forge own path Makau Mutua Kenya’s increasingly proud middle and upper classes are in fact dumb copies of the original, the British middle class. The British accent is still a coveted asset in Kenya. British names are Kenyan names.
  • Nigeria election brings out the complex dynamics of an underachieving nation Anyang' Nyong'o Nigeria has a great deal of similarity with Kenya. It is the most prosperous economy on the West African Coast; Kenya enjoys the same status on the East African Coast. It recently rebased its GDP and became the leading economy in Africa; Kenya followed suit and jumped into the rank of a Middle Income Country. It has seen the military play a very important role in politics; Kenya is envious of this and President Uhuru Kenyatta has been in military fatigues and uniform whenever the opportunity arises.
  • Why too little empathy for victims of sexual violence? Kamotho Waiganjo However tempting it is to discuss the “list of shame” and the President’s earth shattering State of the Union address, I choose instead to focus on this week’s allegations of rape against an MP. The allegations marked yet a new low for our esteemed Honourables coming in the same week as allegations of verbal abuse on an MP after she scorned the advances of a male colleague. Since the rape matter is still under investigations and being a believer in the constitutional principle of presumption of innocence, I will not deem the MP guilty.
  • Atheists must stop imposing their beliefs on society Alexander Chagema Understanding the Bible as one would while reading a newspaper, text book or novel is challenging.

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