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National park where rampant poaching thrives as rogue KWS officers go scot free

By Alex Kiprotich
Updated Mon, March 31st 2014 at 00:00 GMT +3

The ranger said his colleagues who have been recruited in the poaching web have records of the whereabouts of the animals and when to strike. For every rhino killed, the killer is paid Sh50,000.

“This is equivalent to four months’ salary. We are paid Sh14,000 by KWS… do you expect someone to give me an offer of Sh50,000 then I turn it down?” posed the ranger.

But the picture became even grimmer when one senior officer in the rank of Assistant Director agreed to talk to this writer. “The committee in Nairobi perpetuates poaching. Have you seen any warden taken to court over the vice?” he asked. He said those who do not play ball are removed and moved to other parks in far-flung areas.

Evade an ambush

The officer confirmed what the wardens, all interviewed separately by The Standard said; that poachers act like guided missiles. “They are guided to where the animal is and how to evade any ambush laid down,” said the officer.

A warden told us how a group of poachers killed a rhino and as they were planning  an ambush, an Assistant Director called off the operation. This was perhaps to let the poachers escape. And even after the poachers escaped the dragnet, the same official stopped the operation, claiming the sniffer dog was tired. “It was later discovered the tusks were metres away, in  a house where the sniffer dog was leading the operation team to. It was evident the Assistant Director was monitoring our work to alert poachers on how to escape,” said the source. The source made a startling revelation that poachers were just “fictional characters” moulded by KWS personnel to conceal their actions. “It is the rogue personnel who are poachers. There is no one from outside – apart from the buyers and those who ferry the tusks,” said the officer.

KWS Director General William Kiprono said the service is taking seriously allegations and that the Cabinet task force chaired by former KWS Director Nehemiah Rotich is in place doing investigations.

“The task force is doing its work and once they are through, they should be able to address the issues,” he said.

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