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Parliament set to discuss media bills before President Uhuru Kenyatta’s proposals are considered

Updated Tue, December 3rd 2013 at 00:00 GMT +3

Janak noted that though the committee is committed to Press freedom, there are forces out to derail the process and take Kenyans back to the dark days.

“There is pressure from other quarters to frustrate the process. There is however, a window of opportunity for media stakeholders and the community to initiate change,” he stated.

He said if MPs are confined to the memorandum brought by the President, the media stands to lose greatly.

“Let MPs marshal numbers to have the changes effected now as the next amendments can only be undertaken after six months. He added: “After six months, positions may have hardened. We call on every Kenyan to note this is the chance to stop the Bill becoming law. It will block the public from speaking about certain issues,” he argued. The media stakeholders received clearance from police after they served notice to hold peaceful demonstrations.

Parliament is scheduled to consider two controversial media bills on Tuesday afternoon, the same will be the subject of street protests by journalists.

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