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Gladys Shollei reveals her battles with Ahmednasir Abdullahi and JSC team

By Moses Njagih
Updated Thu, August 22nd 2013 at 00:00 GMT +3
Judiciary Chief Registrar Gladys Boss Shollei. (Photo:Tabitha Otwori/Standard)

By Moses Njagih

Nairobi, Kenya: Judiciary Chief Registrar Gladys Shollei Wednesday lifted the lid on her stormy fall-out with three members of the Judicial Service Commission (JSC) she suspects to be behind her woes.

Shollei admitted to strained relations with the outspoken member of the commission, Ahmednasir Abdullahi, Judge Mohammed Warsame and Chief Magistrate Emily Ominde.

Appearing before a parliamentary committee in Nairobi Wednesday, Shollei candidly revealed the challenges she has had dealing with the three JSC members, citing instances of interference in her work by the commissioners.

The Chief Registrar told the National Assembly’s Legal Affairs Committee that she had reported the poor working Willy Mutunga.

She accused Abdullahi of interfering with the Judiciary’s search for an office block in Mombasa to host the Court of Appeal, intimating that the lawyer wanted to advance his interests and dictate the space that the institution should rent.

“When I told him of the house we wanted to rent, and which was proposed to us by the LSK Mombasa, he told me wachana na hiyo nyumba, nitakutafutia ingine (forget about that building, I will show you another one),” Shollei told MPs.

Shollei said that she has had difficulties dealing with the lawyer at the official level for months, and had reported the matter to CJ Mutunga.

“It could be for this Mombasa house (that she is being targeted for removal from office). Many people know of this incident,” she said.

Abdullahi represents the Law Society of Kenya (LSK) in the JSC.

She accused Warsame, an Appellate judge, of seeking employment favours from her, claiming that the Judge had complained that since she assumed the position she had not given vacancies to them as was the case before.

“Judge Warsame was always taunting me for not employing his people in the Judiciary. He once told me wewe kutoka uingie hatujawahi kula matunda ya uhuru kutoka kwako (We have never enjoyed the fruits since you assumed office).”

 She added: “He said that the previous Registrar used to give him 30 slots for employment but I had refused to do the same.” 

The Chief Registrar accused Ominde, who is one of the two members representing the Judges and Magistrates in the commission, of having a vendetta against her since her appointment to the position.

She said that the magistrate could even issue directives to her as an individual, instead of channeling the same through JSC.

 “I even had to write to the Chief Justice asking him to explain to her my role vis-à-vis hers. Commissioner Ominde has had problems with me from the first day,” she explained.

A composed Shollei, who has been sent on a 15-day leave to allow the commission to investigate allegations against her, painfully relayed the humiliation that she had suffered with the JSC trying her in public.

“I have been stripped naked in public, my reputation has been soiled. I am very keen to defend my reputation. I would rather lose my job but defend my reputation that I have worked so hard to build over the years,” she said

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