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Sungu sungu vigilante group unleashes terror against its targets with ruthlessness and impunity

Updated Mon, November 22nd 2010 at 00:00 GMT +3

They took him away in a vehicle the same night Morara and Ochwangi were killed. To his horror, the two were murdered as he listened from a distance, where two gang members kept him under guard.

Nyamache says he later learnt from them that they had been hired to kill him over an unresolved family land row.

They set him free, but after locking him up in a secluded house in Suneka Town for a day. Several hours were also spent at Kisii Police Station, where he says his crime was not booked in the Occurrence Book.

I don’t bother to report to the police because that is where they took me. I don’t think I will get any help," he says.

While some residents say the gang has checked insecurity, others accuse it of being an execution squad.

Sungusungu in focus

• Founded in early 2002 by the local administration, political leaders and a few locals from Kisii

• Its members are mainly young men drawn from the Kisii community

• Founders of the gang accused the Government of failing to provide security

• The gang has been linked to a series of bloody executions in Suneka, Bonchari and the suburbs of Kisii town

• Crime suspects are attacked and killed at will, especially at night

• They have spread to almost all parts of Gusiiland

• They work in the name of community policing and their operations are only at night

• They also run courts at night to resolve cases involving domestic violence

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